About Us

FORTUNE seeks fashion

FORTUNE seeks fashion. Clothing that not only follows the unique form of the wearer but provides whatever action is expected of it. Clothing that understands how you want to wear it, instead of it wearing you. Versatility is key and FORTUNE unlocks the barrier between aesthetics and functionality to create the perfect amalgamation of style + simplicity.

Originally passionate about journalism, creative director Georgia East decided to switch story-chasing to style-hunting and, in early 2013 created her label FORTUNE. Working with her mentor, whose career in the South African fashion industry stretches back as far as 1980, Georgia exclusively designs, sources and markets her label under the headline of being entirely locally-produced in Cape Town. Specializing in women’s apparel, FORTUNE makes use of uncomplicated styling and streamlined designs coupled with unique materials that both encapsulate and represent the label’s minimalist aesthetic.

FORTUNE aims at creating clothing of unsurpassable quality by making use of beautiful fabrics and a manufacturing process that provides careful attention to every detail that in turn allows for style, wearability and lasting appeal. From a short-term perspective, Georgia aims to ingratiate locally produced clothing back onto the South African fashion market by eschewing badly-made foreign imports and creating awareness around the importance of supporting local labels. Since starting FORTUNE, Georgia’s designs have been featured in South African fashion media publications, on local personalities and on numerous shoots with both up-and-coming and established photographers.

While FORTUNE believes in ageless style, the woman that wears the label is one that appreciates the power that comes with having your own individual look that is able to be cultivated through a mixture of fashion and confidence. During the design process, FORTUNE segments range planning into 40% Trend and 60% Style so that the wearer is able to manipulate the garments to flow with her own tastes. FORTUNE’s collections include clothes that possess total versatility and can therefore be endemic and unique to each individual that wears the label.

FORTUNE encapsulates what the fashion-forward but strongly original woman wears whilst adding to the label’s identity by maintaining close attention to quality and detail.