THALASSA, the SS16 collection from the FORTUNE label, uses a subdued palette of colour, a clean silhouette and the brand’s trademark minimal aesthetic designs that contribute to the sense of continuity, versatility and starkness that it is known for.

Set in a post-apocalyptic environment in which manmade textile has amalgamated with natural forces, the THALASSA collection embodies clothing that is created by the elements for the natural world. Using the ever-changing mood of the ocean and inspired by the mythology of Ancient Greece, the collection features organic silhouettes that rely on the body’s own unique shape to form the garment.

In the time of the Hellenic Ancients, THALASSA meant ‘sea’ and she was the first primordial sea goddess to come from the union of the Titans. Also the name of a moon belonging to the planet Neptune, THALASSA holds a strong feminine pull over her realm – as relentless as the waves, as eternal as the tides. She dances over the once-proud monuments of men as they crumble into her embrace.

The SS16 THALASSA collection features eight styles that encapsulate an essential and uncluttered axiom:

  • Antifit Jumpsuit
  • Antifit Wrap Dress
  • Duster Jacket
  • Sash Trousers
  • Cutaway Crop
  • Mesh Column Shift
  • Tee Shift
  • Culotte Jumpsuit

On location in Cape Town, the THALASSA SS16 lookbook was shot by JUSTIN POLKEY, modelled by EMMA JANE MENTEATH, hair & makeup by ALET and styled by Georgia East.

The THALASSA collection is available to shop now.

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